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Accountable decisions has to be done from valid numbers, and requires a competent and systematic accountant. ProAccount offers quality assurance of your company's accounting and bookkeeping, whether it is us, or your accountant handling the accounting.

Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly bookkeeping and follow-up, we can find a solution that suits you.

Some customers only need occasional bookkeeping, e.g. in connection with VAT reporting to SKAT. Other customers want us to take care of everything, where we do the invoicing, registration of purchases, payment of suppliers, debtor's dunning as well as everything else that belongs in a bookkeeping and administration function. Still, other clients have their own bookkeeper, with ProAccount only assisting with review and quality assurance.

Some customers manage companies based on cash balance in the bank account; other customers want accurate and detailed monthly reports with deviations from budget and / or last year's figures.

We use the accounting system that the customer wants us to, and we have a lot of experience using e.g. e-conomic, Visma Business, Uniconta, SAP Business One, Navision, Axapta and more.

Whatever you may need in terms of scope or frequency of the tasks, we can find a solution that fits your business, maybe in collaboration with our sister company in Sri Lanka.

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